About Us





is a team of design enthusiasts

who wish to provide well-thought solutions

with great aesthetics in the furniture industry and

build an Indian brand that makes a mark globally. 

Creative ideas blossoming during the pandemic inspired a group of young entrepreneurs to form a team with the aim to make innovative, elegant and space-saving furniture.
With an experience of more than 50 years in the field of manufacturing coupled with robust in-house design team, Blumuno brings age-old manufacturing wisdom and modern design ideas to offer products with superb functionality and great aesthetics.  


The selection of materials, the quality of finishing and the comfort to the consumer make Blumuno products absolutely drool-worthy. At Team Blumuno, we believe in Value For Money and aim to make finest quality products at super competitive prices. The energy in Team Blumuno is electric! Every product evidently reflects the same.



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