Dakshana Foundation <> Blumuno : Classroom Furniture

Dakshana Foundation <> Blumuno : Classroom Furniture

Blumuno designed, manufactured and installed state-of-the-art classroom furniture for Dakshana Foundation. Dakshana Foundation is an NGO that trains the most deserving under-privileged students from across India for competitive exams. This classroom comprises of 11 circular steps, each of a different radius and with different arc length. Making every piece of table unique from the other. Blumuno has mastered the complexity of this project with simplified design techniques to make a flawless looking classroom.

All pieces of furniture are grouted to the ground, to avoid any damage or mess due to mischief by students. 

Their main campus is situated around 60kms from Pune and spread across more than 100 acres. 

The classroom is great amalgamation of modern architecture, simplicity and functionality. By choosing natural wood, in times when using commercial ply is common, shows Dakshana Foundation's commitment towards providing world class facilities for all their students.

Blumuno takes pride in associating with this prestigious Organisation and wishes to continue this beautiful collaboration for years to come.

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